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Short Biography

I’m a graduate student (Ph.D.) at the University of Rhode Island. I was born and grown in a hilly area, studied mountain environment in my graduate level, worked for a few years as a researcher in a mountainous country and now studying in ocean state Rhode Island. Now, I have nothing to do with the mountain but the water research bridges my mountain works with the coastal one. Do not ask me why I decided to work in the coastal region. Dynamism is a beauty, right!

I want to write some technical issues related to water and environment as a whole and sometimes broader issues that are of public interest. The opinion written here is mine unless those are explicitly attributed to others. I like live discussions on the topics that I will be writing, therefore I welcome comments from the readers. And at last, I must say that English is not my first language.

You can write to me at panthijeeban@gmail.com

My research sites

ResearchGate    GitHub    ORCiD    Google Scholar    Publon

My awards and fellowships

  1. Principal Investigator: Rainwater harvesting for mitigating drought in western Nepal
  2. AGU Centennial Grant Winner, Americal Geophysical Union (AGU) 2019
  3. Best Poster Award 2018 (Third Position), Clean Water Symposium, University of Rhode Island
  4. PROVIA Young Research Fellow 2016 by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
  5. Berkner Fellowship 2014 by American Geophysical Union (AGU)
  6. TIRI Scholar 2014 by Feed the Future Livestock-Climate Change Innovation Lab at Colorado State University, USA
  7. CREEW Research Award 2009 for Master’s Degree Dissertation work, NEPAL

My research articles

  1. PANTHI, J., KHATOWADA, K., SHRESTHA, M.L., DAHAL, P. 2018. Water poverty mapping in the context of climate change – a case study from Karnali basin in Nepal Himalaya. International Journal of River Basin Management
  2. PANTHI, J., ARYAL, S., DAHAL, P., BHANDARI, P., KRAKAUER, N. Y. & PANDEY, V. P. 2016. Livelihood vulnerability approach to assessing climate change impacts on mixed agro-livestock smallholders around the Gandaki River Basin in Nepal. Regional Environmental Change, 16, 1121-1132.
  3. PANTHI, J., DAHAL, P., SHRESTHA, M., ARYAL, S., KRAKAUER, N., PRADHANANG, S., LAKHANKAR, T., JHA, A., SHARMA, M. & KARKI, R. 2015a. Spatial and Temporal Variability of Rainfall in the Gandaki River Basin of Nepal Himalaya. Climate, 3, 210 [This is the most cited paper of the journal]
  4. PANTHI, J., KRAKAUER, N. Y. & PRADHANANG, S. M. 2015b. Sharing climate information in the Himalayas. EOS Washington DC: American Geophysical Union.
  5. PANTHI, J., LI, F., WANG, H., ARYAL, S., DAHAL, P., GHIMIRE, S. & KABENGE, M. 2017. Evaluating climatic and non-climatic stresses for declining surface water quality in Bagmati River of Nepal. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 189, 292.
  6. ARYAL, S., PANTHI, J., DHAKAL, Y. R., GAIRE, N. P., KARKI, K. & JOSHI, N. R. 2018. Historically evolved practices of the Himalayan transhumant pastoralists and their implications for climate change adaptation. International Journal of Global Warming, 14, 356-371.
  7. JHA, A., MALLA, R., SHARMA, M., PANTHI, J., LAKHANKAR, T., KRAKAUER, N., PRADHANANG, S., DAHAL, P. & SHRESTHA, M. 2016. Impact of Irrigation Method on Water Use Efficiency and Productivity of Fodder Crops in Nepal. Climate, 4, 4.
  8. KHATIWADA, K., PANTHI, J., SHRESTHA, M. & NEPAL, S. 2016. Hydro-Climatic Variability in the Karnali River Basin of Nepal Himalaya. Climate, 4, 17.
  9. KRAKAUER, N., PRADHANANG, S., PANTHI, J., LAKHANKAR, T. & JHA, A. 2015. Probabilistic Precipitation Estimation with a Satellite Product. Climate, 3, 329.
  10. PANTHI, J., DAHAL, P., KIRAT, N., KRAKAUER, N. 2015. Climate and Land Use Change in Gandaki River Basin and its Impacts to Livestock Herding (Research brief)

Other publications (common interest topics)

  1. Sea-Level Rise won’t affect every place in the same way, Envirobites (6 Nov 2018)
  2. Soil in the Succotash Marsh, Rhode Island: Coring for clues to past coastal storms, Envirobites(21 November 2018)
  3. Is climate change increasing the number of hurricanes we get and will we continue seeing more hurricane damage? Envirobites, (13 December 2018)
  4. 津波: The Story of the Wave, Envirobutes (21 December 2018)
  5. Concept Development – Water, Water Pollution and Conservation – a General Guide Book (in the Nepali language)
  6. Editor – Proceedings of International Conference on Climate Change Innovation and Resilience for Sustainable Livelihood, 12-14 January 2015, Kathmandu, Nepal
  7. Editor – Proceedings of the Graduates’ workshop on Green Economy (28 July 2013)
  8. Writer – Environmental change and child rights (in the Nepali language)

Graduate Teaching Assistant (URI)

  1. Fall 2019: Soil Morphology and Mapping with Dr. Stolt
  2. Fall 2019: Natural Resource Conservation (Intro) with Dr. Still
  3. Spring 2020: Global Climate Change (Geo305) with Dr. Pradhanang
  4. Spring 2020: Understanding the Earth (Geo103) with Dr. Laliberte 


  1. Media Assistant for Deep Carbon Observatory project (May-August 2019) with Dr. Pockalny
  2. PROVIA Fellow Internship at Tongji University (UNEP-ESD) in China (March-April 2016) with Dr. Li Fengting

Media coverage

Best poster (third position) award at clean water symposium 2018, URI

Volunteering at Gorkha Earthquake (Nepal) in 2015

My paper listed as an outcome in the NSF award site

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