Salt marsh dominant plants

Kali Gandaki river in Baglung, Nepal

Japanese breakfast, loving it.

Traditional way of quenching thirst in Biwa lake, Kyoto Japan

Cherry blossom in Stockholm, Sweden

Flood barrier by a Dutch company being demonstrated at Delft, the Netherlands.

This is our community tap back in my village (Madhulekh) in Arghakhanchi, Nepal.

The Goldengate bridge in San Francisco, USA

Snowfall in Humla, western mountain of Nepal

Wooden pot made by BADI (a tribal. nomadic group in western Nepal)

The great wall of China from Badaling area

Sea gull is smart: it catches the clams and drops on hard surface and enjoys food.

Stinging nettle (SISNO), rich in Vitamin A

This is how we celebrate major festivals – all about eating

Snowfall in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

The room from where I graduate my school level.

Baby birds in our little garden (Kingston, Rhode Island)

Colorful ducks at Roger William Parks in Rhode Island

Snowfall in Rhode Island, the winter of 2017/18

Storm surge in Charlestown area of Rhode Island (4th March 2018)

Browning mill pond in fall season of 2017.

Creeping colors near Kingston, Rhode Island

This pond freezes in winter, on the way to the Main Camous (URI)

Messi office room

Dashain foods

Aspen forest in Rocky Mountain Bio Lab at Gothic, Colorado

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